The “Chartres Itch”

Every time this year I get the “Chartres Itch”. As the spring blossoms scent the air, I feel uplifted as I anticipate returning to Chartres, France. Veriditas has been creating and sponsoring our Walking a Sacred Path Program for 15 years though I first entered the cathedral earlier on a personal pilgrimage to uncover the labyrinth in 1991.

I love walking the cobblestone streets, shopping at the market for fresh vegetables and securing a fresh loaf of French bread for dinner. Down the hill, the once bustling L’Eure river quietly flows. I spend many hours walking along it or sitting quietly on its banks. Though my abilities with the French language leave a lot lacking, I feel at home in Chartres not only in the village but also in Chartres Cathedral itself.

Our Lady of Chartres Cathedral is still an active sacred site. It contains one of the most magnificent labyrinths in the world. I have walked it countless times and over the years it has become a womb that gives new life. It is a place for pilgrims to commit their lives anew, to release old wounds, grieve losses and to chart a fresh course for the years ahead. My hope is that everyone who needs this sacred experience finds their way to this Cathedral.

I feel privileged to do this life-changing work and this reoccurring “Chartres itch” simply says I’m ready; it’s been long enough. It is time to return to Chartres. The labyrinth is calling…





  1. Loran White says

    Oh my! What did I do to deserve this fabulous life! Thanks for reminding me of that. I am deeply looking forward to my time with you in Chartres. Keep these blogs up, if you can……

  2. I can relate to the “Chartres Itch” I am having it again this year… I have not been there near as many times as you have Lauren, but it truly is a place I long to return to on a regular basis. There is a magic in the town, but especially in the cathedral. I was having a conversation just this morning about wanting to ‘BE” in Chartres again, but, alas have made other choices for this year…. Ahhhhhh… well see you in 2014.

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