Veriditas Programs in Chartres, France

So, you’re interested in going on pilgrimage with Veriditas.

We’d be delighted to have you join us.

Walking a Sacred Path

For details on the upcoming Walking a Sacred Path Workshops in Chartres, France please see

Chartres CathedralWalking a Sacred Path with Veriditas is a special pilgrimage to Chartres, France. It is a transformational program that is offered in usually offered two cycles.

Each cycle includes one private, after hours labyrinth walk and one public walk in Chartres Cathedral. Most programs include morning seminars, small group discussions, an opening reception, a closing dinner, a tour of the crypt, a tour of the cathedral and leisure hours spent in the enchanting Medieval village that surrounds the magnificent Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres.

Most Walking a Sacred Path programs begin with registration on Monday at 4:00 PM and conclude with a celebratory dinner on Friday that ends by 10:00 PM. See schedule for each program for actual details. Facilitator Training begins 10 AM Saturday and ends 6 PM Sunday.

For details on the upcoming Walking a Sacred Path Workshops in Chartres, France please see


On Pilgrimage:

“The art of movement, the poetry of motion, the music of personal experience, of the sacred in those places it has been known to shine forth. If we are not astounded by these possibilities, we can never plumb the depths of our own souls or the soul of the world.

The force behind myths fairytales, parables and soulful travel stories reveals the myriad ways the sacred breaks through the resistance and shines forth into our world. Pilgrimage holds out the promise of personal contact with that sacred force.

What is sacred is what is worthy of our reverence, what evokes awe and wonder in the human heart, and what, when contemplated, transforms us utterly.”

-Phil Cousineau, The Art Of Pilgrimage: The Seeker’s Guide To Making Travel Sacred



  • Class in the morning with your seminar leader(s) to gather new tools and ideas…
  • Small group reflection that allows us to deepen our own pilgrimage experience and get to know others sharing the path…


  • Living a short distance from the cathedral in the medieval and renovated “Seminary” literally in the shadow of one of the remaining active spiritual sites in the world.
  • Unscheduled time where you can walk the medieval village of Chartres, attend a service in the cathedral or have a glass of wine at the historic Le Serpentine Cafe…
  • The world renown expert, Malcolm Miller – author of Chartres Cathedral – ot another experienced guide giving us a private group tour of the Cathedral and teaching us about the cathedral and the most complete collection of 12th and 13th century stain glass windows in the world.


  • a private group tour of the 11th Century church including the largest crypt in the world, where you will meet a black Madonna called Sous Terre, our Lady under the earth…


  • a private ritual evening after hours in the cathedral progressing through the crypt marked by thousands of candles leading us to our destination: to walk the labyrinth.


  • your guide is none other than Lauren Artress whose vision and book WALKING A SACRED PATH began the labyrinth renaissance…
  • Listen to Lauren Artress talking about the Walking a Sacred Path programs in Chartres! Click here.


Suggested Reading

Suggested reading before you come to Chartres (each program will have additional reading):


“The object of pilgrimage is not rest and recreation – to get away from it all. To set out on a pilgrimage is to throw down a challenge to everyday life.”

-Huston Smith in Phil Cousineau’s The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker’s Guide to Making Travel Sacred


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