42 Minutes Podcast Episode #364

42 Minutes Podcast – Episode #364 with Lauren Artress
The Path Of The Holy Fool

May 25, 2021

Today for 42 minutes, we again make it back to the grail castle and finally “ask the question”, with the Reverend Dr Lauren Artress, author most recently of ‘The Path Of The Holy Fool’.

Women Creating Our Futures

Interview with Cynthia James
December 18, 2020

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interview with Cynthia James

The Labyrinth – A Watering Hole For The Spirit

During this hinge time, the labyrinth can be a watering hole for the spirit. Here is a talk I gave at Unity of Walnut Creek last September: 

Entering the Labyrinth with Dr. Lauren Artress

Ruah Space Podcast
In this episode, Phil is joined by Dr. Lauren Artress, the founder of Veriditas, an author, and an expert in labyrinths. For decades she has taught about the labyrinth and today invites us into this beautiful space. She explains how walking the labyrinth is a metaphor for life, shares it’s history, explains the invitation it has for prayer and connecting with God, and even explains how to use a finger labyrinth! If you don’t have a walkable labyrinth near you, you can engage it right from home! We pray this episode is a blessing as we learn about another tool that invites us to make space for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Listen here: https://ruahspace.com/podcast/entering-the-labyrinth-with-dr-lauren-artress/

KWMR Radio

Hear Lauren’s February 2020 interview on KWMR radio:

The Labyrinth

Walking a Sacred Path … in 42 Minutes

Synch Book RadioListen to my April 15th conversation about the labyrinth with Douglass Bolles on his weekly radio show, 42 Minutes.

Your can play the audio directly from the Sync Book website (Episode 132).

Or, find it on iTunes.

The Labyrinth: Walking Into your Limitless Self

Listen to Dr. Paula Joyce’s interview with Reverend Lauren Artress on Voice America. Originally aired March 27, 2014, this program can be streamed or downloaded as an .mp3 file for playback on your device.

Watch Lauren discuss Embodying Wisdom

I saved this video from an earlier time because it introduces the concepts folded into the workshop Embodying Wisdom. The pertinent information begins at 1.16 seconds. Please keep an eye on my website or the Veriditas website for the next opportunity to attend.

Click here to view Wisdom University’s YouTube Channel or visit their website here.