The Path of the Holy Fool

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“Lauren Artress has long been a pioneer of a sane and compassionate spirituality which is at once both inclusive and deep. In her new book, The Path of the Holy Fool: How the Labyrinth Ignites Our Visionary Powers she brings together a strong spirituality — informed by the classical tradition — with a sound grasp of the strengths and challenges of depth psychology. Her vision of the Labyrinth as a doorway to the divine imagination is exactly right for these challenging times and her focus on the Holy Fool tradition enables her readers to embrace hope as well as the awesome mystery at the heart of things.”

~The Reverend Dr. Alan Jones Dean Emeritus of Grace Cathedral

The Path of the Holy Fool is a timely reminder that we can co-create the world we live in by learning to use our imagination for good. In this book Lauren Artress uses a mythic story to show us how imaginative processes can open us up to seeing the world in a new way while encouraging us to share our gifts with the world. Dr Artress offers many practical ways for us to become brave citizens of this beautiful planet. She reminds us that if we don’t know where to start, all we need do is step onto a labyrinth and be open to the mythic journey that begins with that first step on the path. We need reliable guides during these times, and this book provides just that.”

~ Catherine Anderson, Author of Meeting Your Soul on the Labyrinth 

Publisher’s Summary:

The Path of the Holy Fool summons each of us to become a Holy Fool: one who is accountable, stands for equality and social justice, embraces an ecological vision, and encourages community spirit. Lauren Artress, who established the two permanent labyrinths at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, is a leading force in the Labyrinth Movement. Her new book The Path of the Holy Fools: How the Labyrinth Ignites Our Visionary Powers expands upon her earlier work in Walking a Sacred Path: Rediscovering the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice.

Through the Parsifal story Artress suggests the labyrinth serves as a Grail that is discovered in the invisible, imaginative, in-between world symbolized by the Grail Castle. Most importantly this book invites readers to explore and reflect upon their own uniquely configured imaginations. It is through the imagination that self-reflection and raw experiences of the Holy occur.

Once we navigate our imaginative processes without fear, the labyrinth experience ignites our creativity, heals our wounds and opens our big picture vision that nurtures empathy and gives us eyes to see and ears to hear—even through the sorrows of the pandemic—the call for a life-enhancing future. The labyrinth offers the Holy Fool an unwavering path as we learn to takes risks, create new modalities and find a way to contribute to our evolving world.

Order the paperback and Ebook today via (the audiobook is forthcoming)

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