Body/Soul Rhythm™ Process

New Work by Lauren Artress and Mary Hamilton

Embodying Wisdom: The Spirituality of the Labyrinth

An awareness of “embodiment” is important to every person wanting to make a difference in the world. When we are embodied, our intuition and imagination are opened and available to us and to our community in new and profound ways. What does it feel like to be “embodied” and what is the process by which we can become more centered in the body? This work combines two powerful experiential components: The Marion Woodman Foundation’s BodySoul Rhythms work including movement, meditation and expressive art, developed by Mary Hamilton and Veriditas’ work of consciously walking the labyrinth as spiritual practice, developed by Lauren Artress.

Walking the labyrinth is a spiritual practice that quiets the mind, opens the heart, integrates strong emotions and grounds the body. The labyrinth is a mirror of the soul that reflects back to us where we are on the journey. It opens the door to self-awareness and allows us to comprehend and release the emotions that hold the psycho-spiritual issues in a frozen position.

Those attending to this work yearn to develop greater compassion for themselves, for others and for our planet. They share the knowing that unresolved issues can interfere with our collective effectiveness as global citizens.

This work is based upon Jungian principles. Concepts, such as shadow and projection will be applied to our work. Through experiential exercises we will explore the nature of a more unified consciousness.

Lauren and Mary will provide a cognitive framework in the mornings and guide participants in a process that nurtures the innate embodied wisdom in the afternoons. Join Mary and Lauren in this new and groundbreaking work.

For more information go to: Cycle Three, September 26-30: Embodying Wisdom, the Spirituality of the Labyrinth with Mary Hamilton & Lauren Artress

More about Mary Hamilton:

Mary, a graduate of the National Ballet School of Canada and a former professor of dance technique and improvisation at the University of Western Ontario is a founding member with Marion Woodman and Ann Skinner of the famous BodySoul Rhythms™ Intensives. Her books and workshops are also known around the world as she has dedicated her life work to bringing the unique, authentic and personal body/soul to consciousness through creative movement. Her books include: Under the Horse’s Ass and The Dragon Fly Principle.

Together, Mary and Lauren will combine their teaching gifts, providing participants with the opportunity and the space to shed old skins, to drop into the timeless, space-less world of soul, to touch the divine spirit within, and to experience personal and spiritual renewal.