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The Labyrinth as a Blueprint for Uncertain Times
March 10-11, 2017

Grace Cathedral
San Francisco, CA

Walking the labyrinth orders chaos, both in the inner world as well as the outer. It quiets the mind and once the mind is quiet, we have choices over how we direct our thoughts.  We can choose to reflect deeply; we can focus on prayer; and we can look at the uncertainty we feel about our personal circumstances or the challenge of the times we live in. learn more …

Walking a Sacred Path in Chartres:
Wisdom Stories on the Path: Storytelling Our Way Through the Labyrinth with Lauren Artress and Cynthia James
May 15-19, 2017

Chartres, France

Constantly bombarded by information and overloaded with knowledge, what we lack is wisdom. We need wisdom to grasp the heart of the issues that face us in both our personal lives as well our culture.  So, can we “learn” wisdom?  Yes, through the ancient art of storytelling…

Lauren Artress and Cynthia James will lead us on the path of reflection on our lives through storytelling, song, discussion and writing prompts to stir our own personal stories. Drawing from the rich wisdom traditions around the world. these morning seminars will nurture wisdom through the labyrinth’s four-fold process: Remember as we are blessed, Release what no longer serves us, Receive guidance along the path and Return to our Ground of Being. Together we will create a wisdom community that connects, nourishes and deepens our capacity to evoke wisdom in our lives.  learn more …

Monthly Candlelit Labyrinth Walks with Music

Grace Cathedral
San Francisco, CA

Come spend the evening with us… walk the labyrinth, meditate, pray… drop by, bring a friend, stay awhile, and leave when you like. Experience the beauty and splendor of Grace Cathedral by candlelight… after hours.

Co-hosted by the Grace Cathedral Labyrinth Guild and Veriditas, Monthly Candlelight Labyrinth Walks with Music are held the second Friday of every month, from 6 pm to 8 pm.

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